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Hoodmemes: Memes about the hood, by the hood

Inspired by life in the hood, hoodmemes are memes created by and for the hood. Life in the hood is different compared to life outside it- only those who have lived in the hood can understand what it is all about. Hoodmemes present a funny take on what everyday life in the hood is like- and what those living it has learned and experienced.

What exactly are memes and hoodemes?

A meme can be anything- an idea, belief, vision, or experience. Internet memes as we know them today started as image macros with some form of humorous phrase about it. A meme can be about anything right from an incident to a place to some news or even a simple misspelling. Some of the most viral news spreads through memes on the internet.

Hoodmemes are memes about life and things in the hood. Any fad or news can grow quickly on the internet- and hoodmemes, just like hoodfights and hoodhumor are the fastest way to spread the word about something.

Why and how to make hoodmemes popular?

Humour can be one of the best ways to say a lot of things, which makes hoodmemes an easy and quick way to get the word out. You can make hoodememes on anything- even the most nonsensical and surreal of topics.

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